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Sunday, 20 January 2019


About the Eurosite MPA Working Group

Eurosite (www.eurosite.org) is one of the largest pan-European networks bringing together governmental and non-governmental organisations, as well as private bodies, in active collaboration for the practical management of Europe’s nature.

The Eurosite Marine and Coastal Protected Areas Working Group (Eurosite MCPA Working Group) is a new initiative of the Eurosite network supported by Conservatoire du littoral and the French marine protected areas Agency, with the contribution of ATEN.

At the general assemblies of Eurosite held in Turku, Finland 2008 and in Valencia, Spain 2009, the question of developing Eurosite activities on coastal and marine protected areas issues was adressed by members on several occasions. Some of the French members of Eurosite, such as the Conservatoire du littoral, the marine protected areas agency and ATEN, are willing to develop a new initiative dedicated to the creation of a Eurosite marine and coastal network through Eurosite's programme of activities. The proposal is to develop a marine and coastal program of work over the next three years, from 2010 to 2012, by organizing annual workshops on marine and coastal protected areas management - these will focus on the specific management tools required, in particular for Natura 2000 marine sites.

The annual marine and coastal workshops are organized by Eurosite members, supported by the Conservatoire du littoral and the French Marine protected areas Agency, with the contribution of ATEN.

Workshop 1 -  1-3 September 2010 in Marseille, France
Workshop 2 - 30 August to 1st September, Le Conquet - Brittany, France, organized with the Parc naturel marin d’Iroise
Workshop 3 - Spring 2012 in Scotland, UK, organized by Scottish Nature Heritage (to be confirmed)